Elon Musk talked a lot about moving to Mars today

Have a spare $200,000 and a need to leave this planet? SpaceX founder Elon Musk says he has you covered. Today he revealed his plan for establishing a colony on Mars — using the spaceship it gets there in.

That’s right, if this plan works, it will be cheaper to move to Mars than buy a house in Sydney. What a time to be alive.

In what’s being reported on more than Apple unveiling the first iPhone, Telsa & SpaceX godfather Elon Musk revealed his plans on how the human race can move forward and colonise Mars (and beyond).

It’s an interesting (albeit lengthy) presentation – The Verge have a 5 minute cut down version of the 1.5hr+ original – and Musk’s vision is one I think many people share. He may be a slightly eccentric, kind of terrible presenter, but his plans and the fact he actually does instead of just talks is encouraging this may one day, not too far away, be reality.

Source: This Is Elon Musk’s Plan To Colonise Mars | Gizmodo Australia

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