Eero’s mesh based Wi-Fi system starts shipping

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CNET’s Dong Ngo:

THE GOOD The Eero Wi-Fi System can create a seamless Wi-Fi network that covers a large area with reliable Internet access. The hardware is well designed, easy to use and you can quickly scale up your home network by adding more units.

THE BAD The system is expensive, not fast enough for bandwidth-heavy local tasks and requires you to connect to Eero’s servers to manage it. Features are minimal, there are only two network ports and the single USB port is useless at launch.

Eero promised a solution to end the issue of spotty Wi-Fi in your home and they’ve delivered. Ngo’s “bad” refers to a series of transmission rate tests he conducted that are likely to not be the norm for installs of the system in the family home.

At US$499 + shipping (via Amazon) its price is likely going to turn people off but can you put a price on truly reliable Wi-Fi?

Source: Eero Wi-Fi System review – CNET