Dubai airport’s passport control makes scanning your iris fun?

Travellers departing from Dubai will no longer need to pass through any sort of security clearance counter or e-gate, they will simply walk through a virtual aquarium tunnel that will scan their face or iris using hidden cameras while they’re in motion.

In development for nearly four years Dubai airport has been looking for a quicker and more efficient way to process more than 80 million passengers that pass through it each year.

The tunnel makes use of over 80 cameras and uses imagery to encourage the departing passenger to look around at the projected environment thus significantly increasing the likelihood of a successful face and/or iris scan.

For those concerned over privacy the tunnel’s scanning and processing of departures is no different to Australia’s international departures and its eGate technology.

It does feel very Minority Report however, I expect in no less than a couple of years it will start displaying targeted advertising and saying my name as I walk through.

Source: Dubai airport’s new virtual aquarium tunnel scans your face as you walk through it – The National