Don’t Use The Word ‘Party’ To Describe This Crime Against Humanity

Nellie Bowles at Re/code reporting on a San Francisco-based Tech Mixer:

“We don’t use the word ‘party.’ We’re bringing consciously designed spaces and innovative thinkers together to inspire,” said Vecchio, who is 26 and formerly worked at Apple and J.P. Morgan. “This is our fifth mixer. People are like, ‘Andrew, what could be next?’ And it’s like, ‘Oh. Done.’ We have a mechanical bull. Game-changer. Innovate.”

This whole article is quotable for the self-involved, narcissistic awfulness, but here’s my favourite part:

As the night wore on, I asked Vecchio if there was an after-party.

“We don’t call it an after-party. We call it after-hours.”

Vecchio led the Jessicii — one of whom decided to be called “Jane” to make it easier — to an inflatable Twister mat at the center of the after-hours room. He set down his Corona Light and leaped onto the bouncy cushion, making a few flips and pointing to a friend before sitting down in the middle of it and checking his phone.

After reading this article I thought very hard about walking out my front door, throwing my phone into a river and just wandering off into the woods.