Does your iPhone 6s battery suck?

Test results circulating on a Reddit thread show a phone with the TSMC SoC lasting a battery test for seven hours and 50 minutes while one with the Samsung SoC tapping out after barely making it to six hours, indicating an almost 20 per cent difference in longevity. It’s important to note that, even if these results are legitimate (and they do appear to be consistent across tests posted by multiple users), they might not be indicative of real world performance.

There’s no way to tell which SoC is in which phone just by looking at them, but there are free apps available that can tell you what you have in your phone (in the linked app, a result of N66AP or N71AP would indicate the Samsung chip).

Bummer. Here’s a link to the free app that’ll tell you what you have. What are your results?

Source: Why your friend’s iPhone 6s battery might be lasting longer than yours

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