DJI’s new ‘Mavic Air’ drone leaks ahead of tomorrows launch

The “Mavic Air” is reportedly equipped with a 32-megapixel camera with a 1/2.3 CMOS sensor and a new image signal processor, capable of recording 4K-resolution video at 60 frames per second, reports DroneDJ. The camera is attached to a three-axis gimbal, similar to the one used on the Mavic Pro rather than the two-axis version equipped to the cheaper DJI Spark drone.

The new ‘Air’ looks like a good “in-between” model that will sit in the middle of the Mavic Pro and DJI’s entry level Spark.

It’s rumoured to launch at US$699, which will translate to about A$1000-1200 at a guess.

After having a Spark for a few months now as great as it is the new Air looks to be the ideal drone for my needs. The 3 axis gimbal and 4K video are things I’ve found myself wanting numerous times.

Source: DJI ‘Mavic Air’ drone leak ahead of launch reveals foldable legs, 4K camera on 3-axis gimbal