DJI unveil new FPV drone

DJI’s new FPV (First-Person-View) drone looks like amazingly cool sky-time fun, but for sure is almost going to make me want to barf.The A$2,099 drone is DJI embracing the FPV model of flying introducing break neck speeds going from 0-100km in 2 seconds!

The immersive flight experience comes decked out with a super-wide (150 FOV) 4K/60fps view that transmits over a 10km range directly to DJI’s included FPV Goggles V2.

Coinciding with the FPVs release is a new Motion Controller. Looking a lot like a Wii remote the new A$229 controller offers an alternative to more traditional controls with a trigger to accelerate the drone in a forward motion. Angling the controller left or right will bank the drone along with other mappings of motion to flight.