DJI announce the Mavic Mini drone

Weighing just 249 grams, Mavic Mini offers a 30-minute flight time, 4km HD video transmission, and a 3-axis gimbal with 2.7K camera. Learn more at

Goodbye Spark, hello Mavic Mini!

I can’t believe how small and feature packed this thing is. The same size as an iPhone 11 Pro Max the new foldable drone looks like the perfect everyday & travel companion.

A 30 minute flying time is huge and kills the Sparks paltry 15. It also has a camera bump to 2.7K which is an improvement over 1080P but falls a little short to the Mavic Air’s 4K.

Another budget saver for the Mini is a new controller that does away with a display entirely. It relies on your phone to do all the heavy lifting with just two removable sticks adorning its front.

Starting at A$599 it’s not ridiculously priced either and some very lucky boys & girls might find one of these sneaking its way under the Christmas tree!?

Source: Mavic Mini – The Everyday FlyCam – DJI