Dell’s new 32″ curved 4K monitor looks gorgeous

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Over the weekend Dell dropped a whole range of new products, but of them all the one that stood out to me was the new 32″ curved 4K UHD monitor known beguiling as, S3221Qs.

The new S3221Q combines size, resolution and a curved form factor that elevates Dell’s awesome UHD monitors to a new level.

For me, at that size the curved panel makes for a far better experience, especially when you’re stuck in front of it non-stop in these new remote working days.

Another great feature on the Dell lineup is support for Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture via it’s single DisplayPort and dual HDMI inputs.

Whilst not built specifically for gaming the new monitor does support AMD FreeSync and the full 4K resolution at 60Hz.

The S3221Q will be available in Australia on August 20th for A$1,199.

Source: Power your next creation with the new XPS Desktop and Dell S-series Monitors