Death Stranding is out today but what the fork is it all about?!

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death stranding hero with norman reedus

The buzz around the game, as well as understanding what it’s actually all about, takes a little bit of unpacking for those who haven’t been following along.

I hate to say it, but Death Stranding could be one of this console generation’s most important releases.

Just the story alone of how it and the studio behind it, Kojima Productions, came to be is mesmerising enough that it’s extremely likely we’ll see it told in another medium such as film or literature à la “Console Wars“.

The game itself is getting vastly polarising reviews with some calling it the game of the century and others calling it garbage and nothing more than a disjointed political statement wrapped in a walking simulator.

Either way it deserves a look in and to better understand its origin and backstory The Verge’s Megan Farokhmanesh has done an outstanding job putting together a piece that goes into the explanation of it all.

Whether you’re into gaming or have any interest in this particular game or not I think it’s a worthy ready into one of the most important releases of the year.

Source: Death Stranding: an explainer for Hideo Kojima’s inscrutable new PS4 game – The Verge