Dan Harmon’s D&D centric show “HarmonQuest” premieres on YouTube


As Fondue and friends partake in their village’s annual Festival of Restoration, they are interrupted by a panicked barbarian woman in need of help. Fondue and team decide to embark on a quest to save the world from evils of the Heralds of the Manticore.

Dan Harmon is the creator of Community and part of team behind the greatest show on TV, Rick & Morty.

HarmonQuest is a live action TV show where a bunch of celebs play Dungeons & Dragons but with a twist. The action is interwoven with animation to better convey the story to the viewer, which makes for a far superior experience to shows that have tried similar in the past.

The downside for us in Australia is that the remaining episodes are exclusive to a streaming site I’ve never heard of called “Seeso”. Naturally they limit themselves to the US only meaning that you’ll need a VPN or alike to view the rest. Booooooooo.

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