Could Snap’s Spectacles be the new Atari ET cartridge?

The Information reports that Snap expected demand for Spectacles to continue after the holidays and ordered “hundreds of thousands” of additional units. But after it opened sales to a wider audience, that didn’t happen, and those units are now reported to be sitting around in warehouses, unsold.

For those unfamiliar with the Atari ET cartridge saga, here’s the heavily abridged version… Atari made manufactured a lot of copies of a game that was absolutely awful and then buried them in the desert.

Snap, now encumbered with a warehouse full of unwanted Spectacles probably aren’t going to bury them in the desert but they do need to do something with them all. That and find something for their 150-strong “hardware” team to do.

Source: Snap reportedly stuck with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of unsold Spectacles – The Verge

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