Coles to start selling refurbished iPhones

Beginning this Wednesday Coles supermarkets in all states except for QLD & Victoria will begin selling refurbished iPhone 7s via a partnership with Boost Mobile.

For A$259 you can get your mitts on an 32GB iPhone 7 with a $10 Boost Mobile SIM at the same time as picking up your 12 pack of dunny roll whilst pre-hoarding for another wave of COVID-19. The price is set to increase to A$299 after an initial “launch” period, which neither Coles or Boost have specified its length.

Thankfully Boost have left the phones unlocked meaning you’re not stuck using their network and tout the phones as having undergone a “rigorous 72-point inspection process” before being let back out into the wild.

The phones include a 12 month warranty (via Boost) and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They’ve also had their serial numbers and details checked with a police database to ensure they weren’t stolen phones before landing in their laps.

The iPhone 7 is a solid little unit and a pretty decent deal at $259 considering it can also run Apple’s latest iOS 14. I can see these being pretty popular and something I’d consider looking at the next time I need a phone for my mum or elderly relative.

Lastly, don’t ask me why Vic & QLD are being shunned here, but according to Coles they’ll at least be fast-followers.