Codea 2.0 for iPad Now On The App Store

Codea website:

Codea 2.0 has been redesigned for iOS 7 and rebuilt for 64-bit architectures. Numbers are double precision in your code, meaning more accurate calculations. And with version 2.0, Codea is also 40% smaller in size. It’s faster, sleeker and better than ever before.

I’ve kept my eye on Codea since I saw Simeon Saëns speak at One More Thing last year. Codea is a game and simulation creator on iPad, and is one of those hugely intricate apps (like Garageband, Editorial or Pythonista) that people can do some truly amazing things with. It’s also a local success story; the team at Two Lives Left are based in Adelaide.

Congrats to them for shipping the new version.

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