Cloudflare adds a fast & free VPN to their secure DNS service

Today we’re excited to announce what we began to plan more than two years ago: the App with Warp performance and security technology. We built Warp from the ground up to thrive in the harsh conditions of the modern mobile Internet.

A year ago Cloudflare gave the internet the most secure, fast and more importantly, free DNS service for us all to use pledging to have user security and privacy at the forefront of their service.

Continuing with that train of thought they’ve announced a new service, which will further work towards personal privacy online with the introduction of a free VPN service.

Called “Warp“, the VPN makes use of the relatively new WireGuard system. Designed to offer a higher level of security whilst being faster to setup and easier to maintain, Cloudflare have taken WireGuard and have begun incorporating it into their “” app.

Unlike the general use case for VPNs in Australia (ie. to change your location to watch US Netflix shows) Warp wont let you choose a location, nor is it designed to skirt geoblocking rules. Instead the idea is to reroute your traffic to make it faster whilst encrypting your data automatically when it can.

Unlike other pseudo VPNs cough Facebook cough Google cough, Cloudflare records no identifiable user data nor do they have any user tracking that’s onsold to advertisers. They will be offering a paid version of Warp called Warp+ however that’s designed to fund the new system. Warp+ will take advantage of Cloudflare’s enterprise Argo routing tech, that should theoretically boost your online experience even more.

While I don’t think many need the advantages of Warp+ here in Australia, having a VPN that provides more security without compromising speed (and potentially boosting it) is a major win.

You can join the waiting list (I hate this method of rollout BTW) for the new Warp service by installing the iOS or Android version of the app and clicking on Warp. A desktop version of Warp for Mac & Windows will be released soon.

Source: Introducing Warp: Fixing Mobile Internet Performance and Security

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