Chrome to callout slow websites with new badge of shame

Google is experimenting with a badge of shame for websites that load slowly in Chrome.

We all hate it when a website loads slowly but now Google and their Chrome browser want to make sure you know when and if it’s the website’s fault for that happening and not the shitty telco’s network that you’re on.

Their plan is to shame the website by first displaying a splash screen indicating that its assets are loading slowly and then afterwards continue to ram home the fact with a blue loading bar.

Websites that play nicely (according to Google) will get a green loading bar similar in shade to its SSL icons.

Of course how quickly and well your website loads is according to Google, whom would never have their own agenda in all this (yes that was sarcasm).

Promoting their page insights tool and pushing for further adoption of the quiet hell hole that is AMP Google will of course be Google.

Source: Google plans to give slow websites a new badge of shame in Chrome – The Verge