CD Projekt Red throws Google Stadia a bone with Cyberpunk 2077 release

Stadia release to launch alongside console & PC

We may not have the service in Australia, but old Stadia has left a bit of a bitter taste in gamer’s mouths. Early adopters have lamented over the platform’s inconsistent performance and Google themselves have forgotten to include the service in their recently relaunched Chromecasts.

The release of easily the year’s biggest game on the ailing platform will hopefully inject some well-needed life back into the service.

Never shy of pulling the plug on a service, Google may very well walk away from the streaming platform amongst stiff competition from Microsoft’s impressive xCloud service and Amazon’s already feature-rich Luna.

Regardless, the announcement of CDPR’s launch on the platform is coupled with some new cut-scenes and gameplay. So instead of lamenting the fact our NBN is a donkey and Stadia isn’t even available for us to bitch about, watch them instead. One even has Keanu in it.


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