Canon increases camera warranty to 5 years in Australia

Canon Australia […] is offering a new five-year standard manufacturer warranty for products in its Mirrorless, DSLR, Digital Video Camera and Lens product ranges.

There aren’t many manufacturers out there offering more than a year’s warranty let alone 5.

With that said, most Australian’s may not know you’re generally entitled to a 2 year warranty despite most manufacturers saying they only provide 1. That’s thanks to the ACCC calling BS on big names like Apple and Fitbit over the years.

Regardless, a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 gives you a lot of piece of mind. I’d much rather a warranty from the manufacturer being this long than buying any amount of an in-store extended-warranty scheme.

With that said this new 5-year warranty only applies to new purchases from today (25/11/2019) and probably not to anyone taking advantage of grey-imports through the likes of Kogan or eBay.

Source: Warranty | Canon Australia