Candid Interview With Sony Australia’s Former Managing Director

Digital Retailer:

To combine his two passions in one final analogy, Rose was asked to compare Sony to a football team: “Sony is like Liverpool. They have both had a lot of past glories and probably had their best decade a while ago. They both have great new managers and Kaz Hirai at Sony now has about half a dozen new players (or products) to lead his team, with Xperia Tablet Z, 4KTV, RX1 and RX100 digital cameras and Vaio Pro, and a few off the bench to come such as PlayStation 4. Like Liverpool, we have a long history of class, but we have come off the pace a bit. We have been overtaken by a couple of teams like Man City and Chelsea. But everyone knows that Sony will always sign good players and produce good products, but perhaps we just haven’t had the consistency.”

It’s always nice when the people running a company we all know have flaws and refuse to admit it, finally do when they no longer have anything to lose.

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