Brisbane’s MacArthur Chambers Apple Store Interior Leaked Ahead of Launch

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Several alleged images of Brisbane’s MacArthur Chambers Apple Store interior have leaked ahead of the store’s opening on Friday the 17th.

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A forum post linking to the images appeared on both Whirlpool and SkyScraperCity forums late Tuesday night, with an anonymous user using throwaway accounts to link to an album of the images on imgur.

Friend of the site Kieran McIlwain originally alerted us to the images. He also pointed out the striking resemblance of the leaked photos to the store’s floor blueprint that was revealed in August 2013.


Compare this shot to the plans below:


Though the photos aren’t particularly high-quality you can see the interior looks pretty stunning.

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It’s maintained its classic heritage look with a beautifully clean interior, detailed finishes (particularly the walls, ceilings and pillars) and a plethora of wrought-iron chandeliers to light the store’s interior.

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The mezzanine balcony looks spectacular, and will provide a great view of the action on the main floor. The one detail missing from these shots? A picture of the staircase itself that leads up to the mezzanine floor.

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I guess we’ll have to wait until another 24 hours to see those final details.

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I will be taking pics of the store myself at a scheduled press event on Thursday. So go check out the leaked low-res photo album now, but we’ll have detailed pictures coming to Reckoner very soon.