Bring MagSafe back with Vinpok’s new USB-C magnetic cable

Vinpok Bolt is the world’s first USB-C magnetic cable with support for 87W charging of 15-inch MacBook Pro. With USB-C connectors on both ends, the Bolt is ideal for your 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro, and any other USB-C devices.

Lamenting the loss of Apple’s MagSafe adaptor on your shiny new MacBook or MacBook Pro? I know I was when I tripped over the cord and dragged my MacBook with me last month!

Thankfully cable manufacturer Vinpok has come up with a solution that they’re currently crowd-funding(it’s already hit it’s funding goal). Their new magnetically connected USB-C cable provides 87W of power at 4.1 Amps, meaning it has no problems with the MacBook Pro and doing it faster and more reliably than Apple’s own cable.

Current early bird pricing has the Bolt at US$24 + US$3 shipping to Australia. A twin pack is $US39 + shipping.

The Vinpok Bolt is expected to ship in October of this year.

Source: Bolt: World’s 1st USB-C Magnetic Cable For MacBook | Indiegogo