Behold, the Ataribox!

Atari showed off the exterior of their box and discussed some of the principles around its design in a newsletter published online. There wasn’t any mention of specific specs or what kinds of games the Ataribox would play, although the newsletter did mention that there would be two editions – a black/red version and a wood version – and the console would come with an SD card slot, HDMI output and four USB ports.

It’s 1977 all over again folks and Atari are launching a “new” console! Just look at that wood panelling [insert Homer drool GIF].

There’s not much more to tell you at this point I’m afraid. The email that was sent to subscribers included the above specs and those willing to go over the included photos have noted what seems to be an ethernet port present also but zero on what the thing will play, cost or really just “do”?!

What do you think of the looks? I’m on the fence but leaning towards cool? I think it will be an “in person” kind of judgement for me.

Interestingly the original 2600 launched on September 11 according to Google. Have at it conspiracy nuts!

Source: The First Look At The Ataribox, Atari’s New Console | Kotaku Australia