Beats’ new Powerbeats Pro earbuds are everything the AirPods should be (almost)

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Beats have soft-announced their new H1 equipped Powerbeats Pro headphones, launching a website and adding them to their parent company’s (Apple) online store but not enabling that “Buy” button.

The new Powerbeats Pro look almost identical to the highly reviewed Powerbeats 3 with the cable between the buds removed and some slight bulk added to their main arm to allow for new sensors, controls and a larger battery that outdoes Apple’s 2019 AirPods, which is, ultimately, not a hard feat.

The Powerbeats Pro, like all wireless buds these days, make use of a charging case that sadly (likely due to their overlords influence) uses a lightning port to power them and in their one downside compared to the new AirPods, lack wireless charging.

Thankfully you wont have to make use of the case nearly as often as the AirPods’ dental floss container as the Powerbeats Pro rock in with a solid 9 hour battery life.

For those whom find the AirPods to never just quite fit (that’s me if you hadn’t guessed), or anyone wanting a high quality, in-ear audio experience the Powerbeats Pro look like a solid fit.

Supposedly on sale next month the new Powerbeats Pro will set you back A$349.

Source: Introducing Powerbeats Pro – Beats