Australian Pricing of the Apple Watch Models in a Big Table

I got sick of paging through the models bit by bit on the Apple store, so I made this giant table instead.

Apple Watch
38mmSilver AluminiumWhite SportA$499.00
42mmSilver AluminiumWhite SportA$579.00
38mmSilver AluminiumBlue SportA$499.00
42mmSilver AluminiumBlue SportA$579.00
38mmSilver AluminiumGreen SportA$499.00
42mmSilver AluminiumGreen SportA$579.00
38mmSilver AluminiumPink SportA$499.00
42mmSilver AluminiumPink SportA$579.00
38mmSpace Grey AluminiumBlack SportA$499.00
42mmSpace Grey AluminiumBlack SportA$579.00
Apple Watch
38mmStainless Steel CaseWhite SportA$799.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseWhite SportA$879.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseBlack SportA$799.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseBlack SportA$879.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseBlack Classic BuckleA$949.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseBlack Classic BuckleA$1029.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseMilanese LoopA$949.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseMilanese LoopA$1029.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseBlack Modern BuckleA$1099.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseBlack Leather LoopA$1029.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseMidnight Blue
Modern Buckle
42mmStainless Steel CaseBlue Leather LoopA$1029.00
38mmStainless Steel CasePink Modern BuckleA$1099.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseStone Leather LoopA$1029.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseBrown Modern BuckleA$1099.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseBrown Leather LoopA$1029.00
38mmStainless Steel CaseLink BraceletA$1399.00
42mmStainless Steel CaseLink BraceletA$1479.00
38mmSpace Black CaseSpace Black
Stainless Steel
Link Bracelet
42mmSpace Black CaseSpace Black
Stainless Steel
Link Bracelet
Apple Watch
38mm18-Carat Rose GoldWhite SportA$14000.00
42mm18-Carat Rose GoldWhite SportA$17000.00
38mm18-Carat Yellow GoldBlack SportA$14000.00
42mm18-Carat Yellow GoldBlack SportA$17000.00
38mm18-Carat Rose GoldRose Grey
Modern Buckle
42mm18-Carat Yellow GoldBlack Classic
Buckle (Gold)
38mm18-Carat Yellow GoldBright Red
Modern Buckle (Gold)
42mm18-Carat Yellow GoldMidnight Blue
Classic Buckle (Gold)


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