Australian government proposes a new $5 tax on all online orders entering the country

Australian shoppers would have to pay a $5 tax on every parcel posted from overseas under a federal government plan to cover skyrocketing security screening costs.

Parcels containing purchases like clothing, makeup and books worth less than $1000 – which now represent 90 per cent of deliveries entering Australia – would attract the new tax.

This is in addition to forcing online vendors based overseas to begin collecting GST from July 1st.

It’s estimated nearly 38 million parcels came into the country last year that fit the government’s criteria. That’s a cool A$190m in the back pocket for doing sweet F-A.

Don’t piss in our pockets about “skyrocketing security screening costs” this is just more fear mongering by Mr Potato Head and his mates – the proposal coming from the Department of Home Affairs, led by Peter Dutton.

Source: Department of Home Affairs plans new tax on parcels being posted to Australia