Australian App Stores Price Adjustment (Now With Charts!)

Luke Hopewell at Gizmodo AU:

The Apple App Store is about to get a bit of a tweak thanks to currency conversion rates between Australia and the US changing. The short of it is that you’re about to pay more for all of your iOS apps. Here’s exactly how much apps will cost now.

If you like to see the raw figures (all the way up to $999.99 apps!) you can get to our Google Spreadsheet here: [iOS/Mac App Store Pricing Matrix, April 2014]

If you’re lazy like me, you wanna see some charts. Here’s some I prepared earlier!

Note: These are interactive charts. You can hover over each bar or line to see the comparison between the values.

Tiers 1-20

Open in a new window: [Tiers 1-20: Australia Tax]

Open in a new window: [Tiers 1-20: Percentage Increase]

Tiers 1-87

Open in a new window: [Tiers 1-87: Australia Tax]

Open in a new window: [Tiers 1-87: Percentage Increase]

It’s interesting to see the adjustments visualised like this. It looks like Apple is adding a bit of margin leeway (of around 5-10%) in there. To account for for further currency drops? Maybe. To make even more money? Yeah, probably.

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