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SA’s newly elected Liberal government to kill Tesla battery plan

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The newly elected South Australia premier, the Liberal Steven Marshall, has made his first promise – his government intends to kill the Tesla plan for the world’s biggest “virtual power plant” that would install batteries in low income households for no cost.

Not like a newly elected Liberal government to roll-back a forward thinking plan cough NBN cough now is it?

Source: Marshall’s first promise as SA premier: Kill Tesla battery plan : RenewEconomy

EB Expo is no more, absorbed by PAX Aus

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PAX Aus and EB Expo, the biggest gaming shows in the southern hemisphere, are teaming up to create the ultimate celebration of games and gaming culture at PAX Aus 2018.

This partnership will bring the world-class features of EB Expo to PAX Aus and include a dedicated area for the biggest game publishers to showcase upcoming titles, developer presentations, and Australia’s biggest pop-up EB Games store.

Like a “vanishing twin” absorbed in the womb… ewwwwww.

I guess that means no more Krusty Demons motor cross action then? I actually would’ve liked to have seen one of them fly over Polly Woodside.

On the upside it means that there’ll no longer be a split and show goers can see everything at one place. For instance Activision and Call of Duty have generally favoured EB Expo but they’ll now be a part of EB’s new sub-seciton (presumably) of PAX Aus.

Australian BoM staff questioned by Federal Police over misuse of resources for cryptocurrency mining

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Two Bureau of Meteorology employees are being investigated by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for allegedly running an elaborate operation involving the use of the bureau’s powerful computers to “mine” cryptocurrencies…

Entire IT team herded into a conference room by the AFP during a raid held yesterday.

Two staff members were then extensively questioned however no charges have been laid as the investigation continues.

The BoM make use of some of the most highly powered computer systems in the country for predicting weather patterns. Their intense computational output make them a cryptominer’s dream – especially when you’re not footing their power bill!

Source: Police question Bureau of Meteorology staff over cryptocurrency operation – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Adelaide’s 10Gbps fibre connections start coming online

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Due to hit 1,000 buildings in two years, the network is currently attempting to offer services to 40 buildings, with another 140 to follow thereafter, the City of Adelaide said in a statement on Monday.

In it’s continued “FU” to the federal government’s mess known as the NBN South Australia has connected their first building to it’s new “Ten Gigabit” network.

The rollout is being handled by TPG, who were in the throws of building an extensive fibre network of their own in many capital cities before the NBN came along and told them “stop”.

Source: Adelaide 10Gbps fibre network begins building connections | ZDNet

Parliament considering new laws to prevent exaggerated internet speeds

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Under the proposed Australian law, ISPs are simply required to be more transparent about what consumers can expect with a specific plan. Rather than advertising only the maximum speeds, they would have to include typical speeds for the average user, indicate busy periods, and clearly list any other factors that might impact service.

Bring it!

And good on Australia for having the balls to lead the charge on this one. ISP advertising is a blatant scam.

Source: Australia Is Considering Making It Illegal for ISPs to Advertise Inflated Speeds – Motherboard

Aussie Prime Minister has HFC NBN connected despite the network’s rollout freeze

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Officials in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) revealed in Estimates on Monday night that the prime minister’s palatial home in Point Piper had been connected to the NBN via the hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) cable technology on December 8.

The man single handedly responsible for the shit storm that is the NBN Multi-Technology-Mix and the rollback of what could’ve been one of the world’s most fore-thinking infrastructure projects gets connected to it without any issue.

Point Piper, where the PM’s personal residence resides was scheduled to receive connected to the HFC based version of the NBN late last year however the NBN imposed a rollout freeze due to the exorbitant amount of connection issues those joining the network encountered. The PM somehow managed to side-step both the connection issues and the fact there was a freeze by simply requesting it be done…

The prime minister also escaped the up-to nine-month delay in new connections to the NBN on the cable network instituted late last year. Ganley revealed the prime minister asked the department to make sure his connection went ahead.

The saga then continues with the PM’s Canberra residence known as “The Lodge” receiving preferential treatment to be connected to the newly adopted FTTC process instead of its neighbours remaining on the antiquated FTTN.

Source: The Prime Minister’s Mansion Has The NBN Now And He’s On The Highest Speed Plan

Victoria Police’s ethical standards officer has been caught trolling ex cops on Facebook

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The Victoria Police officer in charge of ethical standards, Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin, has been caught out trolling former officers using a fake name on Facebook.

You can’t even make this up! His defence, when coming clean on talkback radio (of all places) was that had he used his real name the Victorian Police would be automatically associated.

What did you think would happen when the people you were trolling (in a public group for ex police officers) found out who you were mate?

This from the bloke in charge of ethical standards for the Victorian Police force. Absolutely comical.

Source: A Police Officer Was Caught Trolling Former Colleagues Using A Fake Name On Facebook

The A-League’s esport counterpart is proving more popular

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The FFA dipped its toe into the rapidly growing world of competitive video gaming, E-Sports, with the launch of its E-League on Thursday night. It attracted an audience reach 16 per cent higher than the average A-League match, raising questions over the direction of sports broadcasting.

While the figures and interest in esports don’t particularly surprise me there are a couple of things they sort of fail to mention…

For a start, to watch A-League games in Australia you need a Pay-TV subscription with access to Fox Sports. There’s also one game a week shown on free-to-air TV that SBS hosts but with Pay-TV numbers in the toilet they’re never going to get astronomical numbers.

The “E-League” was streamed on Twitch, where it pulled in (at one point) 138,000 simultaneous viewers.  it was also broadcast on Fox Sports but they don’t have those figures yet and are basing the 16% increase on the streaming alone.

Does this mean the A-League is dead? No, of course not. Is it a surprise? Not really.

Less than 20% of Australian households have Foxtel, a smaller subset of those have a sports package to watch the A-League. More than 80% have the Internet, and Twitch streams globally, for free, where people watch random crap all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see esports doing so well and this was an interesting event to watch. I just think the article is a bit of fluff to get more eyeballs.

Source: FFA’s E-League proves a bigger hit than A-League games

The Commonwealth Bank wont let you buy Bitcoin on credit (anymore)

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The Commonwealth Bank has announced an immediate ban on the use of CBA and Bankwest credit cards to buy cryptocurrency, though it will not ban other methods of fiat payment.

My guess is that has happened because a bunch of people bought into Bitcoin at it’s media frenzied peak and now can’t pay their credit card bill as it bottoms out.

Makes sense. The CBA is following the lead of UK’s Lloyds and pretty much every US bank so I’d expect others in Australia to do similar soon too.

Source: CBA blocks crypto coin buys on credit cards – Finance – Security – iTnews

Royal Adelaide hospital’s theatres lose power due to software glitch

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Surgeons at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital were forced to stop operating on patients yesterday morning after a software glitch took out power to parts of the building for 20 minutes.

The AMA told media as many as 14 operations were underway at the time of the outage.

Holy crap! 14 surgeries underway that had to what, stop? And for 20 minutes?! Jebus-H-Christ!

I hope they’re all ok, that’s one place and time you do NOT want the power to go out.

Remind me to not have surgery in Rads!

Source: Software glitch takes out power in Adelaide hospital surgeries – Software – iTnews