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Google’s Project Wing begins delivering burritos in rural Australia

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…today we’re announcing that two Australian merchants are joining our tests, as they’re eager to understand how drone delivery could help them serve their customers better. Guzman y Gomez, a Mexican food chain, and Chemist Warehouse, a chain of pharmacies, will receive orders from our testers who’ve purchased items using the Project Wing app on their smartphones.

Project Wing’s newest delivery trial is limited to residents on the very outskirts of the ACT nearby NSW. This is largely in part to it being one of the few, semi-densely populated areas within Australia with little airspace restrictions.

Sorry folks, don’t expect burritos to rain from the sky in your area anytime soon.

Source: Testing in the Australian skies – The Team at X


PAX Aus 2017 schedule & exhibitor list released


PAX Aus has released it’s full panel schedule and exhibitor list ahead of it’s 2017 show taking place this Oct 27th – 29th. Highlights include “Storytime with Bernie Burns” (Rooster Teeth founder) and the first appearance of Acquisitions Inc in Australia.

If you’re making the trek to Melbourne and looking for a few helpful tips be sure to check out our PAX Mini Guide from last year filled with help & ideas to get the most out of your PAX experience!!

Source: Schedule | PAX AUS – Melbourne, VIC – Oct 27 – 29, 2017



LIFX is on a roll announcing another new product the LIFX Beam

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LIFX Beam enhances your decor and creates new spaces. Customizable for every room, Beam is placed anywhere to create unique lighting experiences.

Melbourne conceived & Kickstarter born, LIFX has announced a slew of new products this Australian Spring. The LIFX Beam joins the LIFX Tile and LIFX Mini series to further expand LIFX’s product offerings.

The new Beam consists of six 30cm long, 3.5cm wide strips that can be connected together with each segment having 10 zones of blended colour/light to create that perfect gradient.

Also included is a corner square allowing you to redirect the strip at a 90 degree angle in the direction of your choosing. The offering allows for a uniquely designed experience that can suit a variety of environments.

Available for pre-order today the new LIFX Beam Kit retails for A$279.99. Shipping will begin this November.

Source: LIFX Beam – LIFX Australia


NBN inquiry calls for an overhaul of its continued rollout and an end to FTTN

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A joint federal inquiry into the NBN wants a drastic overhaul of the project, including an independent audit, better information, and a “minimum” of fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC) in the rest of the fixed-line footprint.

The findings of the inquiry paint an incredibly damaging picture of the national broadband network.

Sadly almost none of the 23 recommendations from the joint party inquiry will ever happen whilst the Liberal government remains in power.

The joint NBN committee charged with investigation was made up of 7 ALP members, 5 Liberal and one representative from the Nationals, One Nation, Greens & Team Xenophon.

It’s published report, released last Friday just before the long weekend, was immediately rebutted by the committee’s Liberal members (and chair) saying that any changes that were implemented would require new funding.

Source: NBN inquiry demands drastic refocus of broadband project – Telco/ISP – iTnews


Australia’s vending and parking machines wont be ready for the new $10 note

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Many of the estimated 100,000 plus vending machines that operate in Australia will unlikely be ready to accept Australia’s new $10 banknote when it enters circulation this week, according to the national vending association.

Meanwhile, the operators of pokies, betting terminals, parking meters, ATMs, change machines, self-service checkouts and car washes are racing to get their equipment ready to accept the note on time.

Let this be a warning to you before you shove your fancy pants new $10 note into some machine and it doesn’t like it, or even worse eats it!

Coles & Woolies both think they’re ready with their self serve checkout after completely missing the boat with the $5 update.

Not sure who carries cash or pays with it at a machine these days anyway? I’ll do a single poll of my mum to make a blanket comment about the 60+ crowd and get back to you all.

Source: The hidden cost of the new $10 note – Finance – Software – iTnews

2017 PAX Australia Indie Showcase winners announced

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…Australian and New Zealander Developers put forward almost 100 games with hopes to be included in the Indie showcase. A panel of games industry professionals judged each title on style, gameplay, innovation, and overall experience to choose the six stand-outs who would ultimately make it onto the show floor.

PAX Australia isn’t far away now folks! In fact if you haven’t ordered your pass yet you may want to get onto it quickly because they’re selling out!

The Indie Showcase is probably my favourite area of the PAX Aus show floor. The hard sweat and tears that these indie people put into their fantastic titles is amazing. I can’t wait to check it out again this year!

The winners of this year’s showcase are:

Source: Here’s The PAX Australia Indie Showcase Winners For 2017 | Kotaku Australia


Melbourne Airport finally allows UberX pickups for arrivals

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From [today] Victorian travellers can ride with UberX to and from Melbourne Airport after the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill was passed through Parliament last week.

UberX will be available to pick-up passengers in approved wait zones just steps away from the terminal.

The Melbourne Airport issued press release fails to mention that they’ll be charging a A$4 “access charge” for each UberX pickup. This fee can (and most likely will) be passed onto the rider.

Uber has not clarified if this is the case as yet.

Coincidently, immediately after the announcement Taxi drivers decided to form a blockade at the airport arrivals’ forecourt area disrupting traffic.

Wrong form of industry “disruption” guys.

Source: Melbourne Airport Media Releases | Melbourne Airport

Virgin to offer Wi-Fi on all domestic & international flights by 2020

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Virgin Australia has announced the rollout of in-flight Wi-Fi on more than 90 percent of its domestic and international aircraft.

Virgin said it plans to equip most of its Boeing 737 and all of its Boeing 777 aircraft with satellite technology by the end of 2018, while the fit-out of its Airbus A330s will be complete by the second half of 2019.

Virgin, just like Qantas, maintains they will offer Wi-Fi free of charge for domestic flights. Virgin CEO John Borghetti said that customers can look forward to enjoying “a basic level of free Wi-Fi”.

Internationally, Virgin will offer a two-tiered pricing structure for access. The main differentiator being speed.

For the moment Virgin are tight lipped over exactly what speeds we can expect from their tiered service. Qantas’ & ViaSat’s recent in-air trials ranged from 2-7Mbps down, far from setting any speed records. Virgin however are partnered with Optus for their supplier whom have more satellites in the air than any other provider in the Australian/New Zealand region.

Source: Virgin Australia switching on Wi-Fi for domestic and international flights | ZDNet

Shop at Woolies? Check your bank account

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A Woolworths payment system error has angered customers around Australia after it generated duplicate charges for transactions made at various stores in March.

Essentially if you bought something using a debit or eftpos card on March 11th, 12th or 13th this year there’s a very high chance you were charged for that exact amount overnight.

Go check your bank accounts people. I super rarely shop at Woolies but it turns out I did on March 11th and whamo they’ve double dipped from my account.

Woolworths are pointing the finger directly at their payment processors, Cuscal.

Source: Woolworths system error duplicates historic charges to customers


Government steps in before the NBN pissing contest drowns us all

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NBN Co CEO, Bill Morrow

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will compel 21 businesses in the NBN ecosystem to reveal data about how they resolve issues in a bid to halt the current blame game between NBN Co and internet providers.

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said the action was a direct result of government intervention to stem what has been a damaging fortnight for the NBN project.

In case you’ve missed the recent pissing match between NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow and every ISP in Australia this past couple of weeks either party is blaming the other for speed and pricing issues with the NBN.

The Liberal government, keen to save some face in the debacle cum white-elephant they’ve turned the NBN into, have decided to step in and ask everyone for some real info and see who’s telling the truth.

No doubt there’s a little at fault from both sides but with the continual balls-up that is the MTM version of the NBN the public are quick to excuse any facts and rest blame squarely on the shoulders of NBN Co.

Regardless of the outcome and who’s wins this round the NBN and the public of Australia continue to suffer at the hands of political bureaucracy.

Good luck Senator Fi-Fi.

Source: Govt steps in to stop NBN blame game – Telco/ISP – iTnews