Aussies can now sign up to test out Elon’s satellite internet service Starlink

Starklink beta: Unlimited data with periods of no connectivity

In a new international beta program Starlink has revealed Australian pricing along with expected speeds the service will provide in what they’re calling a “better than nothing” service offering.

The beta service aims to provide customers with unlimited data over speeds between 50Mb/s – 150Mb/s and with 20ms – 40ms of latency. That’s not too shabby considering NBN’s SkyMuster satellite service has a roundtrip latency of around 500ms due to the satellite being in a higher orbit.

The catch here, at least initially, is that with the limited number of Starlink satellites currently in low-orbit there’ll likely be periods where there are is no service available and comes with a hefty price tag.

To sign up for Starlink you’ll need to invest A$709 for the setup kit plus an additional A$100 to ship it. The service itself is relatively “cheap” at A$139/month and for those scared off by a hefty invest with no guarantee of quality of service, Starlink offer a 30 day return policy for the hardware cost only (excludes shipping).

Keep in mind that signing up to Starlink is not only a punt on quality of service, but if the service will exist at all as the company wrestles with FCC regulations and the potential policing of low-orbit satellites that threaten our views of the sky as outlined in this Tech Insider video.

Feeling brave? Visit Starlink now to register for your Musky satellite internet today.

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