Aussie TC Disrupt Pitch Makes Us Look Like Sexist Idiots

Sam Biddle for Valleywag:

…here’s the first presentation from the AOL-owned TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 startup conference: an app called Titstare, presented by two grinning Australian dudes, exactly as tasteless as it sounds.

The stunt—which the Sydney duo claims was just a “joke”—was done before to an audience who paid for the opportunity to watch what was essentially a shitty routine pulled from the boys’ cabin at sleepaway camp.

There are about a million fantastic Aussie startups that would’ve blown audiences away at TC Disrupt, but these two brogrammers got the go-ahead instead. That’s absolutely shameful, and now we’re ostensibly represented as a country on the biggest tech-startup stage by a couple of misogynistic dickheads.

TechCrunch have since apologised (for not only that pitch, but a second one too) and labelled it “a failure to properly screen”, but I’m not linking to it.

Man, this has been a rough week to be a tech-oriented Aussie.

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