Aussie Prime Minister has HFC NBN connected despite the network’s rollout freeze

Officials in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) revealed in Estimates on Monday night that the prime minister’s palatial home in Point Piper had been connected to the NBN via the hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) cable technology on December 8.

The man single handedly responsible for the shit storm that is the NBN Multi-Technology-Mix and the rollback of what could’ve been one of the world’s most fore-thinking infrastructure projects gets connected to it without any issue.

Point Piper, where the PM’s personal residence resides was scheduled to receive connected to the HFC based version of the NBN late last year however the NBN imposed a rollout freeze due to the exorbitant amount of connection issues those joining the network encountered. The PM somehow managed to side-step both the connection issues and the fact there was a freeze by simply requesting it be done…

The prime minister also escaped the up-to nine-month delay in new connections to the NBN on the cable network instituted late last year. Ganley revealed the prime minister asked the department to make sure his connection went ahead.

The saga then continues with the PM’s Canberra residence known as “The Lodge” receiving preferential treatment to be connected to the newly adopted FTTC process instead of its neighbours remaining on the antiquated FTTN.

Source: The Prime Minister’s Mansion Has The NBN Now And He’s On The Highest Speed Plan

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