Aussie insurer “Honey” is offering smart home adopters a discounted premium

As a long time smart home evangelist it’s incredible to finally see a home insurer that recognises the value sensors can add!

Online Aussie insurer honey  have announced a new Smarter Home initiative aimed at rewarding smart home users with a discount up to 8% on their monthly home & contents premium.

To qualify for the discount you’ll be given a Notion Starter Kit valued at A$250 to install as you see fit. The Notion’s kit is a great start for anyones smart home journey.

Unfortunately for those with existing smart home setups, you’ll be required to add Notion’s hub & devices, honey requiring that their supplied equipment be installed.

Reassuringly, honey have confirmed no sensor data or information will be used in claims processing. They believe the introduction of sensors into Australian homes will reduce incidents leading to lower claims.

For those concerned regarding Notion’s equipment and communications they (unlike many cheap IoT devices) provide end-to-end encryption of all traffic.

Source: Honey – Smarter home