Atari are crowdfunding their new console

Nearly a year after it was first revealed, retro gaming enthusiasts will finally be able to order the Atari VCS beginning May 30th via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

There will be two versions available when the campaign launches. A “time-limited”, undisclosed cost, Collector’s Edition that comes complete with fake wooden panels as well as an all black US$200 version.

Internally both are the same, with some details just now emerging on the new console’s specs. The new Atari VCS is running an undisclosed AMD GPU that’s reportedly capable of 4K resolutions with HDR and 60fps gameplay. It will have WiFi, USB3 and Bluetooth 5 as well as both internal and external storage also.

What we still don’t frustratingly know, nor will I even consider clicking “pre-order” on the box until I do know, is games. The same old line continues to be trotted out that “a full range of popular modern titles” will be available.

Should the games and other content be compelling don’t get too excited, you’ll still be waiting a year to receive your shiny new Atari. Pre-order shipments are expected to arrive Q2 2019.

Source: Atari VCS pre-orders start May 30th, but it won’t ship until 2019

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