Apple’s iWork & iLife free with new iOS devices

Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica:

Apple announced today that people purchasing any new iOS device will receive the mobile versions of Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto, and iMovie for free. That’s $40 worth of apps, as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers cost $9.99 each, and iPhoto and iMovie are $4.99 each.

I think out of all the news coming from today’s event, this is the biggest. Make no mistake, this is Apple taking a direct shot at Microsoft’s long-standing cash cow — Office.

If Apple can use their hardware foothold in the education & enterprise markets as leverage to expand iWork’s reach, then Office is suddenly in huge trouble.

It also means Microsoft’s attempt to position the Surface RT as an education device is also very shaky. In one fell swoop, it has lost its only clear & distinct advantage; as a straight-up Office-based productivity machine.