Apple’s iMac Pro goes on sale this Friday

After being announced in June, the premium iMac Pro is finally ready to begin shipping to consumers this week, as Apple has announced that the new desktop will be available this [Friday, December 15th].

No Australian pricing yet, but expect it to pop up later today I’d imagine. It’s not going to be cheap. My guess is around A$6,500. That’s a hell of a lot for a computer you can’t upgrade.

Apple sent one to Marques Brownlee who’s been using it as his prime rig for 8K video editing over the past week. He seems pretty excited by it and is gladly retiring his trash can Mac Pro in favour of the new box.

While we (or I do anyway) look at the price tag and think “that’s freakin’ ridiculous bro”, he seems it’s tag is justified. The Mac Pro’s insane components actually come out with a higher price tag when added up individually.

His first week of impressions below.

Source: Apple’s $4,999 all-in-one iMac Pro launches Thursday, Dec. 14

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