Apple’s HomePod smart speaker delayed until 2018

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Apple announced this morning that its premium HomePod smart speaker won’t be making the company’s initial December ship date. According to a brief statement issued by the company, the production process needs “a little more time” to bake.

Ouch. Huge miss with that holiday window sailing on by.

I can’t help but feel this has become all too common for Apple over the last decade. I miss the days when they unveiled a product during a keynote and it was available right then.

This routine of announcing product six months out is doing nothing but damage as they continue to miss shipping windows or have constrained supplies.

Yes they build up hype and get some rough estimates with pre-order numbers, which is great for them as a manufacturer, but as a consumer (and Apple fanboy) it feels like another kick in the balls.

Source: Apple pushes HomePod release to early 2018 | TechCrunch