Apple’s HomePod arrives feature-crippled February 9th

HomePod, the innovative wireless speaker from Apple, arrives in stores beginning Friday, February 9 and is available to order online this Friday, January 26 in the US, UK and Australia.

For Australia that’s available to order January 27th and in your hands by February 10th.

The only price given in the press release is a rather lofty US$349, which is likely to equate to A$499+. Yikes!

Firmly placing it in the “high-end” market of smart home speakers the new Apple HomePod is well north of the established Sonos:3 range.

Launching late already the HomePod will be without one of it’s most anticipated features; multi-room audio. Apple have stated the functionality will arrive later in the year via a software update but dampens its launch significantly.

Source: HomePod – Apple