Apple’s A12Z Mac Mini dev-kits outperform Microsoft’s ARM native Surface Pro X

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…the two-year-old A12Z in the ‌Mac mini‌ outperforms Microsoft’s Arm-based Surface Pro X in Geekbench performance, running x86_64 code in emulation faster than the Surface Pro X can run an Arm version natively.

That’s pretty insane. Even running Geekbench under emulation (via Rosetta 2) the Mac Mini still beats out an ARM-native version in Windows RT.

As horrific as any transition phase is going to be Apple look poised to set up their hardware chain very nicely for at least the next decade.

It’s also putting Qualcomm, Intel & AMD on notice in the process!

Source: Apple’s A12Z Under Rosetta Outperforms Microsoft’s Native Arm-Based Surface Pro X – MacRumors