Apple rockets past A$2k with the launch of the iPhone Xs & Xs Max

iPhone XS. With an all-screen design. Super Retina display in two sizes. TrueDepth camera. Face ID. Dual-camera system. And A12 Bionic chip.

Holy [email protected]#k the new iPhones are expensive.

Its lowest capacity (and ultimately useless) 64GB version starts at A$1,629 for the Xs & A$1,799 for the larger Xs Max.

Next is a 256GB that will set you back A$1,879 for the Xs and a casual A$2,049 for the Xs Max and finally the gob smacking 512GB version for A$2,199 & A$2,369 respectively. Jebus-H-Christ.

What does spending the price of used car get you? Well not a lot more different to last year’s iPhone X to be honest. Of course the Xs “Max” includes a larger 6.5″ OLED display in a bigger enclosure to the Xs and that means a larger battery too.

The phones are faster, they’re using Apple’s new A12 SoC, which is the world’s first 7nm chip. It’s GPU component is reportedly 50% faster than it’s predecessor the A11 and the CPU side of things is more efficient and includes something called a “Neural Engine” that Apple claims to bring real-time machine learning to the iPhone. Scary?

The rumoured dual-SIM came to fruition… in China. They’ll be getting two SIM trays in their new iPhone Xs’ while the rest of the world will have to settle for one and an inbuilt eSIM, so we kinda get it too.

Lastly the camera has seen some love but it’s nothing ground breaking. I’d argue it’s more in the processing side of things with an upgraded Image Signal Processor that works with the aforementioned Neural Engine for betting image processing.

Putting that all aside Apple also announced the iPhone Xr. This guy is essentially exactly the same as the new Xs but comes with a 6.1″ LCD screen, single lens rear camera instead of dual and a metal, glass-free enclosure. It’s also significantly cheaper with 64GB, 128GB & 256GB options available for A$1,229, A$1,299 & A$1,479 respectively.

Source: iPhone XS – Apple (AU)

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