Apple move to a 2 tier Watch lineup

Say hello to the Apple Watch 'SE'

Naturally an event called “Time Flies” had to have something to do with the Apple Watch, which for the first time will now be available in two tiers akin to the iPhone’s “Special Edition” (SE) play.

Announced overnight the new Apple Watch Series 6 will come in two flavours. The more expensive of the two will include a new blood-oxygen sensor, meanwhile the new SE lineup includes all the other upgrades comes sans blood-oxygen.

The new iterations bring a brighter display as well as new finishes in red and blue aluminium to match with new watch faces being released at the same time.

New bands are also being released, many in the style of a continuous loop with no buckle or latch to clasp them to your wrist.

Available from Friday the new Apple Watch Series 6 starts from A$599 and Apple Watch SE at A$429. Versions composed of different materials and with the inclusion of cellular capabilities of course see the watch prices soar exponentially.

Source: Apple Watch

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