Apple announce new workout subscription service Apple Fitness+

An Apple foray into fitness

Feel that lockdown burn! Apple is launching their own Peloton and Nike Training competitor in the home workout space with a new subscription workout service called Apple Fitness+.

Announced at Apple’s “Time Flies” event today, the new service will allow users to select from a variety of workouts to follow along with in their own homes.

Workouts available through the app include HIIT, running, walking, rowing, dance, cycling, yoga, core, strength and the interesting “Mindful Cooldown”, which I personally would love to try at the end of a lockdown workday.

Users can choose which workout type they’d like to do along with their preferred instructor, the amount of time they have and music they’d like to play as a part of their Fitness+ experience.

Apple Fitness+ workouts can be created on either your phone, tablet or via the Apple TV all of which will overlay your heart rate and other workout data from your Apple Watch.

As Apple dive deeper into the media production world this is a smart move to combine new facilities and a day one profitable service that appeals to a world currently going out of their mind amidst a pandemic-imposed home detention. It also serves well as a tool to prop up sales of an ailing set-top box and wearables market, which despite having the best seller in is still no where near the lofty amounts originally envisaged.

Launching in late 2020 the new service will be coming to Australia at launch with local pricing starting at A$14.99/month or a discounted A$119.99/year. New members will also be able to trial the service for 3 months at no charge.

Source: Apple Fitness+

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