iphone 12

Apple announce iPhone 12 with 4 models available

Other than being available in four models instead of three, there are really only two stand-out features that differentiate the new iPhone from its 2019 predecessor. Well two and the fact we can finally hold the damn things again with straight edges making a return!

The first of those and one that applies to the entire lineup is that of 5G. As expected Apple have included a 5G modem in the entire iPhone 12 lineup from the new baby 5.4″ iPhone 12 up to the ridongculous 6.7″ iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That’s going to be great in a year or two when Australia’s infrastructure rollout has finally completed, but for now it’s catering to a select few within 5G’s very small throw range that enjoy paying for the privilege.

The other new feature to highlight is the introduction of a new LiDAR scanner on the rear of the iPhone 12 Pro models only. This new sensor is similar to the one on the front of all recent iPhones that enables it do FaceID.

Adding the sensor to the rear allows the camera array to focus faster, detect objects better at night and improve the phone’s “Night Mode” capabilities better than we’ve ever seen before.

The full family of phones consist of two in the “Pro” range (the same as last year) and two others, adding a new smaller model that Apple are calling the smallest 5G phone in the market. All phones use Apple’s latest A14 SoC, used first in the iPad Air earlier in the year.

The Pro lineup includes a 3 camera array and the aforementioned LiDAR sensor and has the capability of recording HDR video for the first time. It also has a new Super Retina XDR display with even more PPI, but that’s where the “Pro” ultimately ends. The Pro has three storage options available with 128GB, 256GB & 512GB.

Image: Macrumors.com

Of far more interest (and affordability) is the straight iPhone 12 model, which akin to last year’s iPhone 11 includes a 2 camera array, but is now available with an edge-to-edge OLED display and comes in two screen sizes 6.1″ and the new 5.4″. The standard iPhone 12s are identical in their internals only differing in screen size.

Apple also resurrected the MagSafe trademark applying it to the iPhone lineup and introducing a range of cases and accessories that snap onto the rear of the full iPhone 12 lineup. This also coincides with Apple’s own wireless charger that pumps out 15W for a faster charging experience.

Lastly Apple announced that all phones would ship without chargers or headphones. Apple justified this by touting some large numbers around how many there are out there in the wild already and that without them they can reduce packaging sizes and reduce their carbon footprint. True as those things may be, sadly they’re not reflected in Apple’s pricing of the phones which did not reduce a single cent and remain at exorbitant levels.

Available for pre-order this Friday at 11pm AEDT the full iPhone 12 lineup includes:

iPhone 12 mini – 5.4″
64GB – $1,199
128GB – $1,279
256GB – $1,449

iPhone 12 – 6.1″
64GB – $1,349
128GB – $1,429
256GB – $1,599

iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1″
128GB – $1,699
256GB – $1,869
512GB – $2,219

iPhone 12 Pro Max- 6.7″
128GB – $1,849
256GB – $2,019
512GB – $2,369