Apple announce A$900 AirPods Max headphones

“Tell him he’s dreaming” never a word more truly spoken by the wise Darryl Kerrigan and never before could they be more aptly applied than today’s announcement of Apple’s AirPods Max headphones and their ghastly and audacious price-tag.Bearing a remarkably similar resemblance to Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones, the new Airpods Max are Apple’s first foray into the coveted over-the-ear style of headphones.

At double the price of market leaders Sony, the AirPods Max offer little than a few Apple-centric niceties, doing very little to justify their lofty pricing. The new noise cancelling set make use of the same “digital crown” found on the Apple Watch to adjust your volume and automatically switch between your various Apple products, including the Apple TV, but with Siri being listed as the only other “Additional Feature” I have no idea what Apple are thinking.

For those of you with too much dosh to care how it disappears you can pre-order a set now and have them drop in time for Christmas, with their expected ship date starting on Dec 15th.