Anyone’s fingerprint can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 users should turn on some alternative security features as Samsung works to address a major flaw with the device’s in-screen fingerprint sensor.

And all it took was a A$5 screen protector from eBay.

UK resident Briton Lisa Neilson bought a plastic screen protector and after applying it to her Samsung Galaxy S10 found that literally anyone could unlock her phone with the fingerprint.

It’s been suggested the screen protector creates an air-gap that the S10’s ultrasonic sensor is confused by, allowing the user to unlock the phone. Glass based protectors appear to not have the same issue.

Samsung have released a series of statements saying that they’re “aware of the case of S10’s malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch.”

For the time being anyone using an S10 should be extremely wary of the potential security risk and as Samsung have suggested, disable fingerprint authentication until a fix is put in place.

Seriously though, who at this point still thinks buying Samsung phones are a good idea?

Source: Samsung confirms glaring S10 fingerprint reader flaw, promises fix | TechCrunch

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