Android KitKat

Android KitKat brings all of Android’s most innovative, most beautiful, and most useful features to more devices everywhere.

There’s a lot of cool stuff packed into this release. The headline feature is that older (or less specced-out devices) will run Kitkat much more efficiently.

Other features include revamped storage access frameworks, new low-power sensor monitoring, a new phone app that matches numbers with business listings, a combined Hangouts & SMS app, a new full-screen mode for apps, a new translucent UI and a stack more.

Here’s my favourite feature:

Android 4.4 adds support for screen recording and provides a screen recording utility that lets you capture video as you use the device and store it as an MP4 file. It’s a great new way to create walkthroughs and tutorials for your app, testing materials, marketing videos, and much more.

That’s going to be a huge boon for people reviewing apps on Android. As always, Ausdroid has tons more excellent detail.