Ambulance Tasmania patients have details published online

An ageing paging system has been leaking details since November

The private details of anyone that has called an ambulance in Tasmania since November 2020 have had their details uploaded to the internet on a website that is still updating with information today.

The Tasmanian service uses a paging system to communicate details of the patient between dispatch staff and the responders. Details included in these messages can be quite intimate including gender, age and even HIV status.

At last count the website contains more than 26k pages of pager communication with no censoring and covers any response by Ambulance Tasmania including the Tasmania Fire Service.

The paging system at the centre of the breach is one that’s long been commissioned for an upgrade as a part of the state government’s A$0.5b overhaul of its emergency communications system.

The matter has since been referred to the police and Australian Cyber Security Centre, which has advised the original site has since gone offline.

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