Amazon’s Fire TV Stick now available in Australia

Fire TV Stick Basic Edition provides an easy way to access content from Prime Video, Netflix, […] and over 4,000 apps and games.

In addition to it’s announce of the Amazon Echo’s being sold in Autralia yesterday Amazon quietly pushed the “Basic Edition” of their Fire TV Stick out to the rest of the world.

Available now the $69 “stick” is similar to a cheaper version of an Apple TV allowing you to stream video content from a variety of sources, including (of course) Amazon’s own Amazon Prime Video service.

Sadly the basic edition sold is NOT the latest available. Similar to Austral’s Roku/Telstra boxes being an edition behind it appears Amazon is using us (and the rest of the world outside North America) to dump outdated stock.

That could change soon however as newer versions integrate Amazon’s Alexa services, which technically don’t start until February, so perhaps “watch this space” for now.

It also has a severe lack of Australian content at the moment. Don’t expect ABC’s iView, SBS or Stan to be available on the stick just yet.

Lastly, if you’re expecting to watch Youtube via the Fire TV Stick, think again. Google and Amazon are having a little spat at the moment meaning Google has essentially blocked and pulled Youtube from any Amazon device as of January 1st.

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