Amazon’s drone delivery service gets one step closer with FAA approval

Up, up & away!

Amazon have been banging on about delivering goods with drones since way back in 2013, but it looks as though they’re now closer than ever with the FAA approving the company operate a drone airline within the US.

Called Prime Air, the service was originally planned to use drones that resembled regular aircraft. This has since changed with the relaunch of Prime Air’s delivery drone held last year as a new hybrid version that is capable of taking off vertically, but transforming to fly like a plane.

From paragliders, power lines, to the corgi in your backyard, this drone has safety covered.

There’s no official word on when Amazon plans to begin testing their new delivery service, with the now blessing of FAA approval, but expect to see more and more come out rather than the token delivery puff pieces we’ve seen over the past few years.

Amazon aren’t the only ones vying for ownership of the delivery airways, Google’s Alphabet has its own side-hustle – Wing, and then surprise, surprise UPS is trialling drone delivery with medical supplies.

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