Amazon announced a bunch of new smart home products that Australian’s can’t buy… yet

The company revealed a new shorter Echo, giving the device its first major upgrade after introducing it nearly three years ago.

Additionally, Amazon revealed Echo Buttons, which are Bluetooth-connected, multicolored buzzers that can connect to Alexa for games. They will cost $20 for a set of two.

A new 4K Fire TV device, priced at $69, was also announced, as well as the Echo Spot, essentially an Echo Dot speaker with a small display, priced at $130.

Sure you can’t officially buy one here in Australia yet but Amazon’s Echo are my digital voice assistant of choice for your smart home needs. Expect official availability to land as soon as those Amazon warehouse doors do – hopefully before the end of the year!

The new shorter, material covered Echo will set you back US$100 or if you go all in you can buy a pack of 3 for $50 off ($250). You can still buy the OG, it’s just been renamed the “Echo Plus” and has a new speaker and mic set plonked inside.

Google are holding an event next week where it’s expect they’ll reveal a new, smaller version of their Google Home and of course Apple’s HomePod shouldn’t be far off now either. The race is on!

Source: New $100 Amazon Echo, $35 Echo Connect lead giant Alexa update – CNET