Alexa connected Ovie Smarterware is the only reason to get excited by tupperware

Ovie plus Amazon Alexa make it easy for you to keep track of what’s in your fridge and waste less food.

It’s over the top and complete overkill for your food storage needs but I want it.

Basically doing nothing more but complicating the process of writing on your tupperware and checking the date when you pull it out 3 days later the new Ovie Smartware will basically change colour depending on how likely you are to start shitting yourself on speed-dial after eating some left over Chinese.

The quirky twist is that you setup how quickly the little smart tag changes colour from yellow to red by using Alexa to tell it what type of food you’re attaching it to.

It’s a nice little idea but probably sits in the problem that didn’t need solving basket. Plus it’s a Kickstarter to back at your own risk.

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