AirPods are garbage and the existence of “Keepods” proves that

Here’s an interesting one that came into our inbox today. “Keepods” are a product which claim to use “the natural structure of your ear to perfectly anchor your earbuds in place”. Reality is far more low-fi.

The product, which is currently 15 times over-backed on Kickstarter right now is essentially a rubber band you put over your ear to hold in your AirPods properly.

There’s so many things about this product (and the fact there is over A$150k dedicated to it) that has me wondering how Apple continue to get away with poorly designed products.

On the one hand I find myself saying “good on you” to the folks who saw the gap and have capitalised, but in my heart of hearts it makes me feel sad that it needs to exist in the first place.

And whilst the “Keepods” have been designed for use with any earbuds and not just Apple’s, it clear they’re the target here.